Thanks Giving.

Ms. Geri Walton has a post on her blog, 18th and 19th Century, that I think is well worth the read and very appropriate for this week as we celebrate a time of Thanks Giving. The holiday can bring up some very complex issues and this entry addresses a few of them.

You can find the post here. And while you are at it, read some of her other writings! She does excellent research, valuable to any enthusiast. Find out more about Ms. Walton here and don’t forget to follow her blog for additional insight into America and Britain during the 18th and 19th centuries.


The post linked contains quotes from a sermon given by a Unitarian minister in England, named Thomas Belsham. The Unitarian church has long been an ally to the disenfranchised and those seeking equality. This includes multiple pagan faiths.

However, if you feel reading it will violate your personal integrity or values in any way, please refrain. Do not read first, then spew negativity. Appreciate the message, take what wisdom you may, and move forward with new knowledge.