I think I’m being stalked. I am a solid Earth sign and stick to the ground, or preferrably, in it. But Water seems to want my attention.

I’ve been reading PSAs about water shortages and conservation.

It has been raining for days.

The cats have been uncharacteristically determined to spill any container to play with liquid.

And today it dominated my Tarot and Oracle pulls.

Sometimes the elements and universe are not subtle.

Have you had a similar experience? What element do you normally work with?


Weekly Contemplation.

Here is the first in a new series for the Gate & Key Society!

While we’ve seen the idea of daily, weekly, and even monthly card draws floating around on Facebook and YouTube, we’ve never tried it ourselves. But it looks like such a fun way to get the creative, meditative, and spiritual mojo going, we’re going to try!

So starting now, we’ll pull a card from an oracle or tarot deck each week and include a question or two to stimulate contemplation.

This week we’re using Dragon Cards, a 52 card oracle style deck from Findhorn Press by Polly Waterfield and illustrated by Brian Nobbs.


A dragon is dancing around your living room. Is it time to treat life lightly or do you need to be taken seriously today?

How will you approach the world?

How will you react to these times?

Tarot Together with MIRTHandREVERENCE.

For anyone who is interested in an in depth study of tarot, please consider watching this series, Tarot Together, on the MIRTHandREVERENCE YouTube channel. Below is the first video and I think you’ll agree, Anni is a delight.

She shares her wisdom, opinions, and thoughts on a regular basis about a variety of neo-pagan topics on her channel, so you might want to check out her other videos and blog, The Greystone Path.