Weekly Contemplation, May 8 Through May 14


This dragon’s heavy scales weight it to the ground. Are you glad to be anchored, or do you long to take flight?

Is there something, perhaps a harmful emotion or thought process, you need to release?

Do you need a new experience or to open a door?

Would looking at your life in a more balanced way help you find a freedom, regardless of what you carry?


Weekly Contemplation.

Here is the first in a new series for the Gate & Key Society!

While we’ve seen the idea of daily, weekly, and even monthly card draws floating around on Facebook and YouTube, we’ve never tried it ourselves. But it looks like such a fun way to get the creative, meditative, and spiritual mojo going, we’re going to try!

So starting now, we’ll pull a card from an oracle or tarot deck each week and include a question or two to stimulate contemplation.

This week we’re using Dragon Cards, a 52 card oracle style deck from Findhorn Press by Polly Waterfield and illustrated by Brian Nobbs.


A dragon is dancing around your living room. Is it time to treat life lightly or do you need to be taken seriously today?

How will you approach the world?

How will you react to these times?

To Divinate or Not: A Study Guide.

Do you use divination of one form or another? Why or why not?

When you divinate, is it always intentional or does it sometimes happen accidentally?

What forms of divination are you most familiar with? What methods do you use? Tarot, pendulum, divining rods, bibliomancy, pyromancy, scrying..?

Why do these call to you? Is it the ease of access? Why do you continue to divine in this way?

Are there other forms would you like to learn? How many types are you familiar with?

Do you find it acceptable to use a form of divination that is not a part of your spiritual path? Is divination even a part of your spiritual path or do you consider it as more secular? Why or why not?

Is there a ritual or spell or chant or action that you find helpful? Example: you mediate or pray before hand.

Are there any tools you find essential for helping you during your divination practice? Incense, candles, music, etc.?

Do you have a process for developing a relationship with your divination tools? How do you feel divination tools should be obtained?

Does timing matter? Examples: you do not divinate during times of personal crisis, you always divinate during the waxing or full moon, etc.

How do you feel about divining for others? Should such services be charged for? What about divining for yourself?

What advice would you give to others? Do you recommend different things to a beginner than you would someone more advanced in divination techniques?

Do you feel divination is a skill you need a teacher or mentor to learn or is self-study preferable? Why or why not?