Questions & Answers.

Who we are.

We are an inter-faith study group located just north of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We welcome all faiths, but are primarily pagan oriented. This does not mean we are Wiccan focused. The term pagan is a complex and controversial umbrella term, but it is easily recognizable and difficult to not use.

How our meetings work.

Our topics are themed each month and are presented on a rotating basis. This may range from legal protections for pagans to strategies to help inter-faith households to primary texts to current events. For example: October is a month with deep significance to many faiths and cultures. All meetings during this month might reflect harvest and rememberance. However, they will also include popular misconceptions (Day of the Dead is not the same as Halloween), the paradoxical nature of the celebrations (freedom to dress as a witch/needing to hide identity the rest of the year),  and ways to enjoy the month while remaining authentic to personal practice.

Each meeting begins with a brief presentation about the chosen material and is followed by a group discussion. These conversations are free-form and anyone can join in. Questions and comments are welcomed and encouraged. Nothing will be considered taboo, but everyone is required to remain respectful. We are assembled to learn and ask critical questions, not bash a culture or willy-nilly incorporate an idea into our practice. All ideas and opinions are worth consideration and discussion.

While our discussions are purposefully chosen to help tackle large issues and are sometimes difficult, we do have fun.

Why was The Gate & Key created?

We feel we are needed. So often we need help, have questions, and there seems nowhere to turn. We hope to remedy this by building and strengthening our community. Our discussions and events are specifically designed to help others along whatever spiritual path they choose.

Looking to the Future.

At this time we are a vary small group. We hope to continue educating ourselves and the public through additional meetings, community service projects, and annual events.


We are open to persons of any faith, pagan or not. For the moment we have no consistent meeting place, so contacting us via email (, Twitter (thegateandkey), Facebook, or comments on this blog are your best bet. Often we are just at a member’s home and due to neccessary secrecy, will not give out our location.


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