Arctic Fox.

It’s important to step back, really look at yourself, your emotions, the world around you.

Irrational choices in the midst of a heated arguement are damaging and live long in the memory. Keep calm when politics, religion, race, economics, cultural appropriation, privilege, and other sensitive topics are discussed. It’s not easy.

Anger can be so overwhelming, so strong, so justified. And that’s ok. Sometimes you need that kind of anger. Use it. Breathe into it. But consider the best course of action.

Being non-reactive can be satisfying and empowering.

Empathy and compassion and the oh-so-difficult-and-elusive patience work miracles.

Calmly letting the other person answer questions you provide will often lead them to understanding.

Being a rock of peace in the face of adversity can be healing and inspiring.

It isn’t about taking the easy road or walking away when a difficult moment presents itself. (Unless you need to because your survival is at risk. Then run, do not walk.) It’s about using our observations and emotions as effective weapons against tyrany, oppression, and misinformation.

A pattern of action and reaction is based on thoughtlessness and, quite frankly, damaging. Yelling because the other person is, does little good. One cannot hear the other. One cannot hear themselves. Only overriding passion and knee jerk retaliation can happen.

Watch, try, learn.

Watch others.

How do those you admire behave when faced with a difficult circumstance? Can you use their strategies in your own life? When you do, what was the outcome?

Watch yourself.

Is it difficult for you to maintain in the face of adversity? What is your tipping point? How can you step back?

What you are upset about reflects more about you than the person you are letting under your skin. Do not give up your power so lightly.

Pivot and move through the hurt and rage. Mold those emotions. Shape yourself into a blade to cut out that which does not serve. Do not let the actions and emotions of others be a poison you willing drink.

Step back, even if it is just mentally. Protect yourself with confidence and inner calm. Reframe the situation and stand firm. Take a deep breath, even just one, and for that moment be in the present. Release the breath, regain yourself, approach the situation again, if you want to.

Afterward, remember to care for yourself. Regain your balance. Carve out time and space for yourself and yourself alone. Even if it is on the toilet meditating. Do what you need to do for you. There are no rules for self-care and self-love. Nurture yourself however, wherever, and whenever you can.

Or reach out to your support system to regain strength. That doesn’t mean engaging with an echo chamber. Spend time reconnecting in as joyful way as possible with those you love. Community is the web which catches us before we fall.


Be still.

Come away better, strong than you were.


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