An Open Letter to John Halstead: A Repost.

For those who are polytheists, Polytheists, atheists, or in any other way keep up with modern pagan/Pagan events and culture, this should be of interest to you. The post is a very well thought out response to Mr. J. Halstead. It does get rather heated (there is the occasional swearing), but it’s understandable and Passion is a good thing.

I have stayed out of the debated between Mr. J. Halstead and the rest of the community simply because I do not believe engaging with those who scream to be heard. I’m pointing it out, Dearest Reader, because the post makes some excellent points. I hope it helps inspire discussion (on a variety of topics!) and open, friendly debate. Or at the very least, brings awareness to the fluidity of Faith and the need for all people, regardless of position, to be tolerant.

If you are interested in finding out more about this topic, a quick search will fill your screen. I would suggest beginning here and here and here and here. Mr. J. Halstead writes for Patheos and is an atheist pagan.

*Edit: Mr. J. Halstead was not a fan of my wording/comment and notified me promptly. I have eliminated the offensive phrasing and added links where appropriate.*


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