Google Calendar in the Works!

Currently we are working on creating a Google calendar. It will be a “general” pagan affair with holidays and celestial happenings from various traditions.

Having said that, some many traditions are less well known to us, so we might not have as much information for some groups. If we miss your holidays, we’re sorry! It is not an intentional slight. We are still learning ourselves and our group has gaps in knowledge about a wide range of faiths and belief systems. But never fear! We are actively working to correct this.

Next year we’re hoping to add more information and separate the various paths. So one calendar for Asatru, one for Hellenismos, etc. This will make the calendar much easier to use, but for now, we’re keeping it together. The decision to do so is partly for ease of creation and partly because of time. This will also serve as a test to get the feel of Google calendar.

If all goes well, we’ll have everything up and running on July 1st, 2015! If you find it helpful over the last half of the year or have suggestions for edits, please let us know! We’d love to have some feedback so we can better serve the community.

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